Jho, Come back la
Jho, Come back la Jho, Come back la Jho, Come back la Jho, Come back la
Jho, Come back la

Ah Jho, come back. We promise we will not catch you. promise! come back okay? miss u.


Decoration for Jho Decoration for Jho Decoration for Jho Decoration for Jho Jho, Come back la Jho, Come back la
Jho's Wall of Wishes
Jho, Come back la Jho, Come back la

Come bk la, we won’t kill you wan. Just arrest you only. And you get to be with your bestie as well najib!

A Caring Malaysian

jho boss, i need some cash. i dont care if its swindled xoxo

thinesh rajendran

Please come home... your family miss you very much

A Caring johorean

i miss you pounding me daddy. please cum home

your bao bei 69

hi jho, we miss so much, we need you to develop our lovely country, please come back T.T

one direction

Jho please come home or do you want me to fetch you? Adoi jho, sudah ambil jangan pandai sembunyi lah!!

Malaysian Satan 👿


Your best friend! Nr the pm

Jho low kami sayang kami mehhh

A Caring Malaysian kelatan

Jho...your char koay teow cold already

A Caring Malaysian

Jho, please come back with angpows! :(

Someone who wants you back

Never say I bo jio you for cny open house wor

A Caring Malaysian

Dey pundek,Come back da, let us table talk at mamak shop

A Caring Malaysian

Balik kampung,... ohhh ooo ohhh oo balik kampung..... bro. kampung needs you

A Caring Malaysian

Jho come home ba. Moon oversea not so bright. Also share your money with us la. Sharing is caring.

A Caring Malaysian

come back eat bah kut teh

bah kut teh lover

Hey jho, come back home la. Dont be durhaka to your family. They miss you la

A Caring Malaysian

Come home lah jho

A Caring Malaysian

It’s time to be a man! Come home.... we truly want you home.

A Malaysian still waiting

more exciting stuff in CNY Season 2020

A Caring Malaysian Person

Jho, tell the security guard i can take your car for you. kamb back soon

A Caring Malaysian

Everything is possible

A Caring Malaysian

Bro come home fast...i forgot the piggie bank password...

A Caring Malaysian

Bro Jho faster come back....Outside world now very dangerous ar....virus everywhere.... Specially tha coronavirus....u fast fast come home!!

A Caring Malaysian

I know we had rough times. but I'm sure we can work things through. please come back.

Royal malaysia police force

I dont know who is jho but he sounds like a swell guy. #jhoforpm

Tony pua

Jho sian atok hadap sorang2 tu, baliklah jho tolong atok

cucu nenek mah

elo ... u know that we are short of one kaki mahjong ... pls come back la ... so hard meh?

chor dai dee

Kepada Abang Jho:- Duit melampau konon dijimati, Kleptokrat tetap dihina sedunia. Kawan mca selalu di hati, Jho bila nak pulang ke malaysia

Tok Guru Hj. Abdullah

Please come back, i want to learn somethings from you.

A Caring Malaysian

JHo, must be Quite cold out there, wear extra clothes and not to catch cold. If got time, just come home this CNY..........

A Caring Malaysian

Jho... 不要玩了... 回家了...

A Caring Malaysian

Jho low, pls come back to testify against najib and gang...

A Caring Malaysian

JhO balik Kampung lah

A Caring Malaysian

rat of wolfstreet

a wolf

JHO, You fool. Apa you takut bossku. Look at me, I just pretend I dunno anything. Nothing happens to me. Please join me in the courts.


a cha come back laaaaaa

a caring melayu

Come back Lim Kopi with me lah

A Caring Malaysian

jho bro, last year your birthday whole malaysia wished you leh. see, we love you so much. Come back la, we miss you

A Caring ju

Who bro.. please la.. balik lah..

A Caring Malaysian

Everyone makes mistakes, come home pukimak


Ah Jho, 求你快回来,no need scare scare of gomen one I tell u. Family more important!

Ys yong

Jho boi boi.... Come home.. Uncle got big ang pow for u.

A Caring Malaysian

I want to go clubbing with you jho. Please come back!

A Caring Malaysian

Jho Jho... We miss u <3

A Caring Malaysian

Come back la Jho Jho :'( Malaysia not the same without you!

A Kering malaysian

To Jho from jho hi......ha......ha......ha...... ehe....aha.....aha.....ahhhhaaaa please call me at 011-111-1111

lorris group of companies

mutakhir ini,ramai dalam karangan insan mulia sering terbabit dalam kes negatif,Malah perlu dimaafkan Demi kebaikan salah setiap masyarakat.

Seorang insan yang menggemari sistem politik yang diuruskan Di tanah air tercinta.

These days,I frequently encounter human beings who perform negative activities but at the end of the Day,All must be forgiven tantamountly.

A desperate citizen who fanatics the Malaysian political system.

Come home lor

A Caring Malaysian

Eh Jho, you know I pokai Already not? Come back la

A Caring Malaysian

Jho! Proud to be Penang lang, just like you! Come back la jho! Penang is not the same w/o you!

CC Wong

come laa we got good food here

A Malay dude

Hey Jho, Pls come back....err can I borrow 2 million ah?

To chow leah

Jho, c'mon man, nothing can moves without you, we have big plans for you, pls come back asap. right here waiting for u

A Caring Malaysian

Hey jho, this is your grandpa here. I really missed you.

A Caring grandpa

Dei. Come back lah! Your family misses you.


JHO PLEASE COME HOME. We promise we won’t hurt you. Kak ros give advice dy. con lan chat firm can settle.

Lei Lou mou

JHO PLEASE COME HOME. We promise we won’t hurt you. Con LAN CHAT FIRM.

Lei Lou mou

Jho, come back lar... Bak kua here is better than the one in china, macau....

A Caring Malaysian

Come back lah fei chai... promise we won't make fun of your weight!

A Caring Malaysian

Come home soon..

A Caring Malaysian



Jho... Don't you miss authentic Nasi Lemak, laksa, char koay teow or roti canai? Come back and put on some Malaysian fats...

A Caring Malaysian

Jho God of Fortune please bring some Huat to Malaysia. Huat ahhhhhh.

A superbly Caring Malaysian

Dear Jho Lo, I have inheritEd billions from my uncle The prince. Pls Come Home & help me to secure the money. Your Bank account no pls.

Prince’s nephew

We went to uplands together and played table tennis together. The least you could do is come home and pay me back what you owe me...

A Caring Malaysian

Jho, happy Chinese New year!

A Caring Malaysian

Hi Jho, please come home

A Caring Malaysian

JhO!! you must come back to help our country!

A Caring Malaysian

u come back, i belanja u minum kopi

A Caring Malaysian


A Caring Malaysian

Jho please come home. Everyone is waiting for you. They miss you. Please come back home.

A Caring Malaysian

Hi jho, pls come back! U cannot run forever

A Caring Malaysian

Need you here

Zahid Aramai

Balik lah jho! We want you back bome

A supporter.

JHo, remember last time we used to play bakuli, our childhood memories.. come back bro..

Lampa ong

Ah jho, please come home don't rat out. Even the rat is here to celebrate.

A Caring Malaysian

Jho Can I advice you something? Please come back home once again la


Jho can I advice you something? Please come back home we miss your chubby cheeks


TuI Ju La (please go home), no where is safer than home jho, gxfc

A Caring Malaysian - blue bird

Jho.. Loll Hope u still not turned into bear


Happy chinese new year brothers!

A Caring Malaysian

I will come home if the Malaysian government agrees to give me full immunity and protection. The deal has stayed the same. No deal no talk.

LOW Taek Jho

My baby, come home quickly. You promised me that you will buy me that gold bra. My cat misses your macau cat treats too. Please listen to me

Rosmah Mansor

Low low pls come home lahh, malaysia your home mah. After you’re back; got curry rice and pajamas for you everyday.

A Caring Malaysian

Brother Jho, Can I advise you something..... Please don't run anymore, please come home lah

A Caring Malaysian

jho, can i advise you something? come back la. there's no place like home bro.


I can give you angpao

A Caring Malaysian

ah jho ah, don't need to come back. later your best friend uses you as a criminal. Omegalul.

your granny

Your family longs for you with open arms, Life here on earth is just permanent. Dont let the past haunts you, be the one to haunt the past.

A Caring Malaysian

U'll catch the virus if u don't come back soon.

A Caring Malaysian

Aiya boss, lu janji Sama itu igp mau balik tahun lepas. Apasal Tarak balik. Itu igp sudah kecewa oooo...

Mamak penang

Mou jho lor ah jho.

Your #1 fan forever

Mou jho lor ah jho.

Your #1 fan

Jho. Come home chubby cheeks. We miss you. And want ang pow

A Caring Malaysian



Jho, come back. Let's go aramaiti. Haussss

Thirsty boy

Ah yoh, Enough merajuklah come back, we want you...

A Caring Malaysian

Jho, can I advise you something? Please come home!! Now!!

Kak Ros - Subang Jaya

Hai Jho Bro, please come back,i already prepare you satay with nasi himpit and kuah kacang..very delicious bro..come on bro it is raya time

Jijoe bro

Baby Jho.... 🍊Gong Xi Fa cai 🍊& pls come back home.....we waiting your big angpao here.... 🍊🍍

A Caring Malaysian

JhO, come home lah.. Malaysians all miss u

A Caring Malaysian

Come home la

A Caring Malaysian

Cum bak, dun woli, we luv u

A Caring Malaysian

b, Mai la blk hat cuti pjg ni. Ayang rindu kat b. Sampai hati b tinggai ayang lama2 kat sini. Ayang janji B tak tidoq luaq kalini. Cayang b

Ayang mu forever

Scumbag, pls come backand give us angpao. Tq!

A Caring Malaysian

Low Low ahhhh...come back lorrr. my life need to be dijholo-kan

A Caring Malaysian

Pls come back

A Caring Malaysian

bro.. the "i don't know" man will never know u come back.. so dont worry, we will protect you.. come back bro!!!

"I also dont know" man

Can i advise you somwthing....you $ure 'koya'ee habis if u come

A Caring Malaysian

Jho low lolow

A Caring Malaysian

Jho .... ajib wants u to come back home now. He said forget the past. Everybody miss you.

A Caring Malaysian

Pls come home la

A Caring Malaysian

Come home lah you freaking fat pig!! Sorry I meant "please come home Jho bro.."

A Caring Malaysian

Leng chai jho, please, come home to mummy. Dont lah run away far far. Come yee sang together.



A Caring Malaysian

fatty jho! come back you can stay with me!

A Caring Malaysian

abang jho tolong balik...saya rindu you, macc rindu you, polis rindu you, semua rindu you tau!


Jho 佬, 几不吉利!jho 睇返, 唔洗被人当jho 犯~

Alien foo

eh come back la fucker

A Caring Malaysian

fei hai! come back ahh!

A Caring Malaysian

Jho bro, we need you to come back, Jib gor doesnt seem to remember everything now. he act blur..you are his only antidote, come back jhobro

A Caring Malaysian

My CB Jho, please come home

A Caring Malaysian

Jho jambul..please jho..

A Caring Malaysian

Cibai lah you jho.. u used to pay all bills for your family but now they have to do it by themselves. You Re fucking selfish jho..

A Caring Malaysian

Jho Jho boy! you come home so that your god pa and god ma can visit their new home in sg buloh faster! ok boy? faster come home.

A Caring Malaysian

Cmon Jho! Malaysia needs your donation and your presents/presence.

Another chubby Caring Malaysian

Bila kambing backkkkk?

A Caring Malaysian

Jho, we miss you. Please come home soon.

A Caring Malaysian

you should be home for some malaysian made bakwa! surely you wont kena dakwa!

A Caring Malaysian

Please come home and pay back my income tax money.

A Malaysian tax payer

Lencai, come back please.. don worry, everything can kawteam maa..

A Caring Malaysian

Hey Jho, for the love of god, please come back. lets put the real culprit into the jail. i know is was never you but the other guy.

not that najib

Fei jho, lai la.. come back home. Bossku really need you at this moment. Also china got wuhan virus, is not safe lor. Please remove your car

Parking Management

Just come back la...

A Caring Malaysian

Jho....come back la..sharing is caring mah...angpow ley..

A Caring Malaysian

I want to go JHO cny open house in malaysia,so that i can get angpow..come home la jho

A Caring Malaysian

Gong xi gong xi, pls come home and collect ang pow

A Caring Malaysian

Jho, Fan lei la. China got Wuhan virus not safe ah. Msia belum kena yet very safe. Miss u a lot❤️❤️

Lei Lou mou

Jho darling, i miss you so much.. please come home

YL, kota damansara

jho.. balik lah


jho... balik laa, atok dah ok tu...


Jho, Rosie has advised! Quick come back!

A caring bijan

Come home Jho, don't you miss penang food? we look forward for free hawkers and food again.


Bro - time to come home to help me invest in my angpow.

A Caring Malaysian

Abang Jho, please come back home. malaysian's waiting for you to back home tell us your version of the story.

The truth

Jho, just in case.. we will prepare your favorite dish, cha siew pao, during our cny dinner this year. come home ya, my son

jho's mummy

Everyone misses you Boss Koo misses you Rose mAh misses you We all miss you

A Caring Malaysian

Ah bang jlo, come back la.. miss partying with u, here are much better

A Caring Malaysian

You are an inspiration to us all. Despite the morality of it, at least you had a spine. Now come home, share with us, your ninja ways.

Your number 1

Bro! Balik laa....

A Caring Malaysian

Fei Loh ....please come back Pity bossku....he needs a fall guy and you nowhere to be found

A Caring Malaysian

Jho baby, please come back, buy mama more diamonds... i miss u.

lost mah

Ai-jho, why you no come back for reunion dinner?

Nana low

Abg jho, come home lor. I bought your yatch back we can go deep sea fishing

A Caring Malaysian

Ah Jho, come back. We promise we will not catch you. promise! come back okay? miss u.

A Caring Malaysian

just need you to know that i miss you alot,please come home jho,please

A Caring Malaysian

bro ... nasi lemak ayam crispi menantimu ...

A Chef

Ah jho aaa... Lu jangan jadi beluang lagi maa... Lu jadi tikus...ini tahun tikus maa... Pliz come home jhooooo....

-lebai sudin-

we miss you

A Caring Malaysian2

my jho-bor feel itchy

kueh chap

Jo, come back.. i konw you miss nasi lemak

A Caring Malaysian

JHOOOO....miss you too much la...come home pleaseeee...


bro, can borrow some change ah? cny abit tight leh. want to play forex.

A Caring Malaysian

come home lo fei zai


woiii comeback ehhhh steady booooooom pipipipipi abit

A sibeh Caring Malaysian

Brother jho, please come home and have a lemon party!




I promise you a steamboat meal before you enter sungai buloh resort... please come back we are all worried.

A Caring Malaysian foodie

Jho, please come back... i want bestfriend too, pink diamond

A Caring Malaysian

Penangites are waiting for our reunion! Come home, jho low..

Ah ee

Come back la cha!

A Caring Malaysian



Jho Jho dun run ah.... Come back

Jho lai liao

Come home la 4 fei toi!

A Caring Malaysian

May the rat show you many hiding holes in malaysia if you do come back. Kong hee fat boy

Pulau Tikus

come back la

A Caring Malaysian

Come back pls

A Caring Malaysian



Don't say we bojho you

A Caring Malaysian

Oi feizai jho...Jon loi lor. Fan lei lo. Dllm

A Caring fat Malaysian

Balik kampong lo, Penang lang

A Caring Malaysian

Ah jho we miss you. Let's go genting and then pinjam boat for yamseng party

A probability



Ah Jho ahh come back laHHhhh

A Caring Malaysian X 2

Jho come back la.. Mama and Papa need your support now. Y u no Sayang them anymore. Kesian mama no more money do hair for CNY Fan Loi la

Hair salon bos



What the huat

A Caring Malaysian

Miss you jho pls come back

A Caring Malaysian

JHO, fan guai lo....

A Caring Malaysian

Jho Momma is missing you, come home!

A Caring Malaysian

Come back. Stop being a jhoker.

Not the owner of 24billion



Jho, come home and make malaysia rich again!

your fan

Mai lah balik Raya lor Hujan emas negeri org Tak sama dgn negeri sendiri

Bro tok janggut soleh

Ah Jho. Come back la. Don't worry we malaysians are a forgetful lot. We lupa already what you did. Come back la okay.

I forgot my name

Enuf of Jhoking already boi, fan loi lo (come back lo)

A CARi-ING Malaysian


A Caring Malaysian

Low Balik lah.. kita mandi sungai sama² Miss u so much fb.me/autowheelchair

Pak lang homestay temerloh

Jho please claim your RM30

your concerned buddy

hahahahaha! i cant believe i actually typed in that url and came here. effort siol! jho, please come back for cny! i still miss you.

jho's ex ex ex gf

Jho, wheres the car key? i help u move the car first lah bro

A Caring Malaysian

Jho balikkkkkkk


Jho sen yea, bring your wealth back home this cny plsssssss

A Caring Malaysian

Jho sen yea, bless us all this coming CNY plsssssss

The money god

Jho. Malaysians always forget things one. You comeback also, we forgot what you did edi. So come back la okay?

I forgot my name

Pls come home jho. We need you badly so save our country.

A Caring Malaysian

Ah jho, send us postcard from wherever you are. We come and find you.

Caring la sangat

Jho mama miss you. Please come back, Paris Hilton is not worth jho time

Jho mama

Don’t jyo’k Chou (wear grass), come back home

A Caring Malaysian

Jom mamak with me

A Caring Malaysian

Jho, tui lai la. Lu eh pa pa ma ma siau lu liao. Tui lai penang choi ee lang

A caring penang lang

It is time to meet your family, and face the music... cny music.


Low sang lah Jho

A Caring Malaysian

Jho, Low Sang !


Malaysian road, take him home, to the place, Jho belong!!!!

A Caring Malaysian

Brolo, I like your cara

A Caring Malaysian

ah jhooooo, fan lei ahhhhh

A Caring Malaysian

bro where r u We miss u so much Come back for cny please We can play poker with jib gor

A Caring Malaysian92

jho come back la! cny is not fun without you

ah girl

Please donate ang pow for my project for orphanage in laos

A Caring Malaysian

Come back jho, share sikit angpaw


Balik kampung! jHo-jho-jho... Balik kampung! jHo-jho-jho... Balik kampung! Hati girang!

A sipek Caring Malaysian

Baby come home.....

A Caring Malaysian

Jho darlink, where chu at babeh? Come Back come back where ever you areee. we are waiting.. XOXO


Jho... come back, don't miss your reunion dinner... don't say we bo jho ahh... :)


Jho, sampai Bila Jho? pulanglah!!!

A Caring Malaysian

JHO, share some wealth!!

JHO biggest fans

Jho, wise man said "wear grass don't wear until new year" Come back laaaa...

Grass supplier

Hahahaha well done

A Caring Malaysian

Brother Jho come home and I will give u angpow.

A Caring Malaysian

'Jho'N loi lor ...

Hakka diao from kaptung

JHOJHO, pls come back your parents and families miss you a lot!!!

DoDO A Caring Malaysian

JHOJHO pls come back your parents and families miss you a lot!!!

DoDO A Caring Malaysian

At least come back and wish gong xi fa CAI to all of us.

A Caring Malaysian

Jho, Can I advise you something?! Please come home.

Your adviser

Jho. Please come home. We need you.

A Caring Malaysian

Lo come home


come back pls. we will sayang you

A Caring Malaysian

Bro, Come home la. Spread some wealth


ah jho my goat black, come home. pleaseeeee


Faster come back lah



A Caring Malaysian

wahlaoweh, need or not? LMAO

An Malaysian